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Digital Hair Iron (Digital Type)
2008.04.28 | 조횟수 : 539658
Vastwood’s digital straightening iron allows for a convenient, damage-free hair straightening experience for shiny, healthy-looking hair. Our digital hair iron features a patented thermal indication with ceramic coated plates, quick heating time and accurate temperature control. We guarantee your satisfaction with this digital straight iron which also comes in different body colors to match your preference. Choose the right model of our digital hair irons for your hair type and length for straight, wavy or curly hair. Create a silky rich hairstyle with Vastwood’s digital straightening iron.
-Thermal indication (patent no.03040666)
-Ceramic coating(emission of ion)
-Ceramic heater
-Quick speed heating(220¡E(425¢μ)-30Sec.)
-Tangle-free swivel cord
-CE approval
-The body can be customized to any color desired by the customer.
-Three different panel sizes (16x88mm, 32x92mm, 46x93mm)
-Auto power off sensor for 30 minutes non-use.
-Digital Hair iron has a built-in micro circuit that allows for a very quick and accurate temperature control.
-Temperature gauge displays temperature from 100¡E to a maximum of 220¡E(425¢μ) in 10 intervals. Anything lower than 60¡E will be displayed as "LO"
-When powered on, the temperature display with blink for a few seconds. Initial temperature on this iron is factory set to 180¡E.

* 50S/RED
LED digital screen displays the selected temperature.

* Mode Button
Precise multi temperature options allows you to control the temperature for all hair types and conditions.

* ION Generator Function